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Hello. We are Junction. We devise, sculpt and execute world-class marketing programmes.

From our founders through the whole team, we care about harnessing the great and the good of marketing tools and techniques. Traditional, new and overlooked channels and platforms are our way to help businesses like yours Reach new prospects and markets. Raise your brand as well as Raise hands of potential customers and Elevate your pipeline, your stock (with customers and your colleagues) your levels of success and return from marketing spend and effort.

In simple terms we blend the likes of content marketing (both creation and distribution) social media and marketing automation and then mix it with data and offline channels such as telemarketing to help drive both brand awareness and sales opportunity.

We’ve been doing this as a collective for decades and whether you sell direct, via partners, the channel or all of the above, we can help.

Junction: A point where two things come together…

Sales & Marketing ¦ Brand Awareness & Lead Generation ¦ Inbound & Outbound ¦ Online & Offline ¦ Email & Social Media ¦ Vendor & Partner ¦ You & Us

Latest Blog Posts

  • What is the reality of Marketing and PR today?

    Meet. Learn. Share

    Yesterday in the beautiful surroundings of the Soho Farmhouse, we held a unique event looking at modern marketing and PR. Together with our friends at PR agency CubanEight, we bought together many of the industry’s leading figures to talk about the challenges of today’s marketing and communications strategies, and how to best integrate PR and marketing. With ever demanding consumers across both the B2B and B2C arenas we discussed the importance of making your communications strategy stand out. Read more

  • We’ve lost our VRginity, have you?

    Google Cardboard and VR

    At Junction we are putting the finishing touches to a client’s event roadshow that will harness VR and Google Cardboard, which we are very excited about (more on that in September when it goes live) and so now we’re always on the lookout for brilliant uses of VR and understanding more on how the technology can help with both brand engagement and demand generation for marketing departments. As such, we’re delighted to have found and be supporting this little beaut – Reality Bites in London on October 12th… Read more

  • “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop”

    So here there we were earlier; a really hot day in the office at Junction towers (the two days of UK summer have arrived!) and our minds turned to ice cream and the need for some refreshing,cooling relief from the heat of the day. This quickly led on to a heated debate over the best ice cream flavour and brand out there. Read more