October 2014

Emotion in marketing? Absolutely. But not without an “ETA”

There’s rightly lots of debate and discussion around the use of emotion in modern B2B marketing right now. For many (in and outside the marketing department) it seems too woolly or fluffy a subject and not in keeping with the professional, formal edge of the modern business world.

But for me it is entirely appropriate, maybe even essential, and now plays a large part in the creative process we go through with any work at Junction. Be that the selection of channel, language and tone, or the call to action type. Read more

Email marketing is not dying, but we are killing it

A few weeks back I was asked to speak at an email marketing conference in Stockholm. It’s a regular fixture and a very well attended and run event. Every year more and more marketers come through the doors (this year there were over 400) and it’s a day dedicated to email marketing, arguably the oldest (most established?) of all digital channels. Read more

Popeye, spinach and a decimal place; the lessons for marketing

What a difference a decimal point can make. In 1870, German chemist Erich von Wolf was researching the amount of iron in spinach and other green vegetables. When writing up his findings, he accidentally misplaced a decimal point, marking the iron content in spinach ten times greater than in reality. Read more

Social proof of which pint is best – Behavioural Economics in Finland

Having listened intently to fellow marketing speaker, Chris Wilson from Earnest, talk so eloquently about Behavioural Economics (BE) and its part to play in modern marketing,  I’ve since been preoccupied with what that means when it comes to everyday life and how better understanding how humans think and make decisions can have a huge impact on our marketing. Read more