April 2015

Email in Real Life

Hot on the heels of the delightful “A Conference Call in Real Life” is the sister video – Email in Real Life – yet again brilliantly observed stuff. We’re not sure if our favourite bit is the Nigerian prince or the guy who forgot to add the attachment?

A Conference Call in Real Life

Ever been on a conference call? This video is for you. We still advocate that comedians would make the best ad men as they tap into and play back observations that we all relate to and this one focuses in on the idiosyncrasies of the business conference call. Sit back for three and half minutes and count how many of these scenarios you experienced on your last conference call…

19 content marketing tips for b2b marketers


We already know that content marketing is more than just a fashion, it is an imperative for all businesses. Not only does it allow you to reach new audiences through better SEO, but you can also continue to position yourselves as experts and market leaders with a well thought-through content programme. Here are some top tips on content marketing from us. Read more