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Embrace your unsubscribers

By June 11, 2015 No Comments

Who has a favourite unsubscribe email?! We do!

Often one of the most overlooked of the email marketing metrics, the unsubscribe rate is often a very useful indicator of how you’re messaging is work.

Yes, your unsubscribe is probably static (0.4% ish?) but do you monitor enough to see if a particular email spikes or dips below that average? And then ask why? It can give you a great clue as to the timing and/or content in that message and what to learn for the next email.

So our view has always been to embrace the unsubscribe – it’s a useful metric and it’s also inevitable in most cases – things do come to an end – surely better to have a small more-engaged list than a large dormant or apathetic one?

Our friends at Hubspot go even further than embrace, they celebrate the act of the unsubscribe, with their typical panache for fun and humanising of the bland.

Above is the video they created that you see from unsubscribing from their emails – no hard feelings and respectful, perfect!

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