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Is agile methodology the answer to your content marketing conundrum?

By September 25, 2015 No Comments

Scrum. No, not that kind!Newsjacking, what a funny term. One of those cool phrases that us marketing folks love to latch on to, to talk about lot and share great exemplars of others using this simple yet effective technique. It’s one of many good content marketing techniques that can help any business produce a regular stream of interesting and relevant news, by latching on to current affairs and the work of others (think industry research and reports and how your company could put their spin on the findings)

It’s a term that we love the idea of but in reality we will likely never use ourselves.

It’s not that it’s a difficult concept for us to grapple with; the idea of quickly and efficiently producing news based on just-breaking event or news story, it’s more that we are not a function that is set up very well to react in such a timely manner.

But why not?

Working recently with a large electronics brand, they talked of how they have successfully managed to implement a modern technique from the world of project management to help them become a newsjacking powerhouse.

That technique? Agile methodology. More precisely using the SCRUM methodology to culture and adapt their (very large global business) to be able to harness trends and fashions and align their brand to the most popular news and stories of their industry.

So if they can do it (and this isn’t a chance for a whiney “well they have loads of people and money and time and stuff, so surely they can do it, but we smaller more mortal marketing teams can’t possibly” moment, it’s actually more like a  ”If a business the size of super tanker can become agile, why the hell can’t we all?” Type moment.

You can read oodles on the subject of SCRUM elsewhere, or perhaps you work somewhere where your project managers already use this for things like product updates or software releases? So look around you and see what you can quickly learn and adapt to aid your content marketing needs.

In the meantime, here are some of the main role within SCRUM project groups for you to consider.

Product Owner
Responsible for the overall success of the project. Makes key decisions on vision and approach and briefs all of team.

Scrum Development Team
The content creation team – a series of people across the business or department who all work on finding and readying the relevant stories and content (note these people could also fill the roles of product owner and ScrumMaster – you don’t need oodles of people to do this)

Responsible for the momentum of the project – to keep things on track, to remove obstacles and to ensure there is regular progress to report.

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