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Have you got an iny or an outy?

By March 11, 2016 No Comments

Naval GazingUnless you have been living under a rock you will be aware that the way that customers and brands interact has changed forever. Nobody wants to hear a sales pitch, we only want information that is relevant to us or a topic that interests us, otherwise we will quickly banish it to the bin (virtual and physical).

So what is happening to the traditional skills like picking up the phone and talking to someone? It is a method that my mother never tires of but yet not so suitable for some businesses. Likewise, how much notice do you take of an email you receive from an organisation you are unfamiliar with? Thankfully the “Lifestyle Enhancement” emails (that little blue pill) have all but disappeared and the number of irrelevant sales letters we receive from organisations are on the decline too, but why? They are simply less effective. Where an outbound (outy) model used to be the typical model, inbound (iny) is now the key to brand success. Not necessarily the new kid on the block but many people are resistant to this marketing paradigm.

Inbound marketing is all about providing value, not just asking for a sale. By reaching people in areas where they frequent, you increase your chances of making a meaningful impact.

There are a plethora of ways in you can attract new audiences, increase customer attention and convert them into customers be it through blogs, SEO or social but are you doing it effectively and efficiently? Offering content is a great way to grow a captivated audience but how do you then drive engaged customers deeper into your company’s sales funnel?

Perhaps the answer for today’s B2B Marketing department is a combination of tub two? Far more than naval gazing, this is about how you can be an outy and an iny together for greater impact and results.

This is a topic I am passionate about and am really looking forward to discussing it in more detail at a B2B event in Amsterdam next month. I am delighted to share the line up with fantastic marketers from T-Mobile, Acer and LinkedIn to mention just a few.

Although I’ll deliver a keynote on modern B2B inbound marketing, the belly-based puns end here.

Want to join us? You can find more detail about everything we will be discussing here and if you use my speaker code – MTG16SK – you will save a few quid.

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