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Hidden in plain sight. The UKs most *noticeable brand?

By October 20, 2016 No Comments

hidden-in-plain-sight-the-most-noticeable-b2b-brand-in-the-uk-_1After my own personal research project, conducted while being out and about, with a little too much time on my hands and a knack of noticing things others miss or don’t care about, I’d like to offer up my winner for this newly-created-by-me-award.

And the winner is…AATI.

Know them? Seen them at work? (or more likely on the way to your work?)

No? Not heard of them? Well, if you used the Tube or took a train today, you not only used their products, but you also walked right over their brand and phone number, about 60 times.

And you’re not alone: according to TfL, today roughly 3.7 million other people will do the same and go about their day, using AATIs products and walking right past their brand name and contact details without giving them a second thought.

The reason for this is that AATi (Antislip Antiwear Treads international) supply most, if not all, of London Underground stations with products such as platform edges, drainage greates, and stair nosing (the metal protective strips on the end of nearly all steps in the stations).

And if you look at these steps next time you take the Tube, the vast majority have AATi LTD’s name and phone number stamped into each step plate, presumably for any of those impulse-purchase types who fancy some new stair nosing…

Then think about the number of steps there are on the whole Tube network and how many pairs of feet (and eyes) go over these each day.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? 1.34 billion people take the Tube each year, the vast majority making use of the stairs, the vast majority of these never noticing the brand AATI.

And we marketing people think it’s tough to build awareness. Well, when over a billion people don’t notice the brand right before them, it puts our challenges into perspective, and makes the case for why this job can, at times, feel so hard and that at best we are simply being walked over by others…

*If you’re looking

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