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Reality II: Context and the hyper-connected consumer

By December 7, 2016 No Comments

sohohotelscreenWith Christmas approaching and the sound of advent calendar doors popping open across the land, marketers are well underway with planning ahead into the New Year. We marked the start of the festive season by holding the second in our series of Reality Events at London’s Soho Hotel looking ahead at PR and marketing into 2017.  Along with our co-host PR agency CubanEight, we bought together many of the industry’s leading figures to talk about emerging trends in marketing and communications and to discuss how to get the most out of PR and marketing over the next 12 months.

As there was so much covered in the sessions we will be issuing a series of blogs with the topics, themes and best practice from the event itself over the next week or so.

How technology is impacting the way that consumers interact with brands, the context this provides the marketers and communications professionals as well as the way in which automation and programmatic can play a part was the focus of the first half of the event. Christopher Baldwin, from Selligent discussed the challenges that today’s marketers face in reaching the hyper-connected consumer, who typically jumps from device to device, is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages each day, and accesses information in increasingly small bites. As a result, many marketers are suffering from opt-outs and lower engagement. Christopher shared insight on how brands are working with Selligent to overcome this challenge, helping them reach new levels of consumer engagement via new ways of working.  Consumers are constantly providing marketers with masses of data about them – social, behavioural, demographic and transactional; marketers are increasingly using technology to harness the power of this data to fine-tune their approach, to break through noise, create value and become advocates for the customer.

Expert speaker Graham Wylie shared his recent experience working for AppNexus, focusing on the evolution of programmatic marketing, its use in B2C marketing and its imminent emergence into B2B communications.  AppNexus aims to transform the advertising ecosystem through an innovative platform that enables marketers to ‘buy the audience, not the media space’. Such emerging technologies are set to revolutionise B2B marketing over the coming years by enabling marketers to reach their target audiences more effectively, and Graham gave the audience the benefit of his expertise in demystifying programmatic and advice to help marketers to navigate this new landscape.

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