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Reality II: In pursuit of happiness

By December 22, 2016 No Comments

A lively panel discussion kicked off the second half of the Reality event with our very own Steve Kemish, Managing Partner of Junction, chairing the discussion. Gemma Davies from Apptus, Jack Collier from Circle, and CubanEight’s MD Sian Gaskell, joined the two previous speakers on the panel – Christopher Baldwin and Graham Wylie.

The topic of how to get the most from an agency and client relationship was explored from many angles – with the panel answering questions from the floor frankly and openly from both sides of the fence. How we can we ensure that the client and agency team are striving for the same outcome? Or when it comes to choosing agencies, what are the pros/cons for choosing a ‘name’ agency over smaller, more nimble outfits? And if you are managing multiple relationships – agencies and departments – how can we keep all parties working seamlessly and ensure little or no conflict or confusion?

An overarching theme to all of the answers was the importance of having an open dialogue between agency and client; and there was overwhelming consensus that success, and happiness, comes when both agency and team are working as one team.

The theme of happiness was continued by the final speaker, Samantha Clarke, who gave a thought-provoking talk on promoting happiness in the workplace, and getting the most from yourself and your team in 2017. The impact of a number of factors on wellbeing were explored – everything from the physical environment, how to be an authentic leader and being open to the potential of the team, through to how technology is shaping productivity and the workplace.

With a new year on the horizon, the audience took away with them some constructive and useful advice on working more effectively with their teams, recognising and resolving staff issues and how new technologies can help, or hinder them.

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