Whitepaper: Unlocking the success to lead generation through intelligent data

We recently authored a whitepaper for our friends Datamatics on how and why to be more intelligent with data to help your B2B lead generation programme. Download it for free now.

Led by Steve Kemish, we created both this whitepaper, entitled “Unlock the success to lead generation through intelligent data” and supports a webinar we also created jointly with Datamatics on the same topic.

Successful lead generation campaigns for healthy sales pipeline rely on good data. A well thought-through data strategy can deliver a significant uplift in Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Although the discipline of data in marketing is not new, there have been continuous advancements for tracking and monitoring target segments. This whitepaper is designed to help B2B sales and marketing teams improve their lead and demand generation success.

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