This week it’s all about customer experience (and personalisation) and how the marriage of human and technology is now more important than ever.

We chat with Joe Bush on customer experience and how technologies, like chat, can help focus you on the valuable traffic you don’t manage to covert on your website. We also hear from Kirsty Dawe, who not only shows her experiences of late on how sales and marketing have changed but also on how personalisation on your website is the (obvious) missing piece of the puzzle and how relevance comes from segmenting your content to help busy buyers buy more easily.

Practical and insightful, both Jo and Kirsty offer an array of bright ideas on how to ensure you are offering the best possible experience online.

Recorded in one take, unedited and via Skype (the perfect tool for social distancing!) we’d love to hear what you think.

We’d love to get others involved in future episodes – either your questions, ideas for topics or even as a guest.

Have a listen…

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