Steve Kemish interviewWe were recently asked to give our thoughts on best practice email and marketing automation, the result is a fascinating Q&A with one of our team, Steve Kemish.

You can read the full article below, but here a few highlights from the interview…

Can you retain the human element while using automation?

I think you can. If you’ve not audited and worked out what automated message is going out then you do risk ‘computer talk’. You must have a human element to your automation. Well-curated and copywritten emails that feel like they’re meant for you need to be on brand, have the right tone and the right imagery. 

The best automated messages never look that way, they feel like they were crafted by somebody that really wanted to communicate with you. Although there’s lots of talk about technology disrupting the traditional marketing department, there is still a need for a well-crafted, well-written piece of prose that can sit inside that technology. That blend of technology and human is where the positives for marketing are.

What are your quick hacks for making emails feel more human?

Make sure the look, tone and feel of those automated emails look like the other human-written messages that might go out. It’s a really important to audit salutations. Often a company will use ‘Dear Steve’ or ‘Dear Mr Kemish’ but when humans within that company send an email they use ‘Hi Steve’. It’s those tiny things that can really stand out and set off someone’s brain to think it’s marketing and can be deleted.

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