Junction: Winning Hearts and Minds

  • At Junction we are fixated with delivering engagement programmes that help marketing departments achieve results; be that building their brand or delivering sales-ready and engaged prospects, ideally both. We do this by bringing together a range of services, all best-fit for each client to maximise both the creativity and the results.
  • Steve Kemish
    Jacqui Gamage
  • Frank
  • That might mean a design-led campaign to pinpoint hard-to-reach targets, a full blown multi-channel demand generation programme across the globe that uses traditional marketing alongside the latest platform on the block or a bespoke event to re-engage wayward partners and customers alike.
  • Happily we are not wed to one marketing channel, technique and are as happy with established marketing methods as we are the leading edge. We get technology but only for the sake of marketing and business, not for the sake of technology itself. That means we work out how to best help your business goals with the right mix of marketing – offline, online, social, digital, automated or human.
  • Faye
  • Dave
  • We love to talk marketing and business in equal measure, even if just to share a few ideas or some inspiration from our decades of experience, so would be happy to have a chat and learn more about you and your business goals.