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How much does the average man now pay for sex?

We were recently invited to Prague to deliver a keynote on B2B marketing in 2016 – what to focus on, key trends and what others are going to be doing. Watch the highlights, including the answer to the question we posed on “How much does the average man now pay for sex?” and how that can be related to the keynote topic in hand. Read more

Storytelling with a twist: How Telenor won Epica gold

Here’s a really fun ad that brings a modern twist to some classic (and charming) storytelling. The “Puppy Love” campaign from Norwegian telecom Telenor won gold in Epica’s Telecommunications & Public Service category in 2015 and is just lovely work – great insight, nice twist and a grandpa trying to herd and lift sheep. What’s not to love?

The state of B2B marketing, in our own words


In October hundreds of B2B marketers get together to attend the Marketing Challenge Forum 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic.

As one this years’ keynote speakers, Steve Kemish, our very own managing partner, was asked to share a few thoughts on his career and the world of marketing, through his eyes. Read more

Embrace your unsubscribers

Who has a favourite unsubscribe email?! We do!

Often one of the most overlooked of the email marketing metrics, the unsubscribe rate is often a very useful indicator of how you’re messaging is work. Read more

What orange juice teaches us about content marketing

Pulp or bits?

As I start to tackle my presentation* for an upcoming conference in the USA (yes, I know it’s a tough life!) my mind has been focused on articulating the challenges of marketing a B2B brand internationally.

Recognising the sometimes subtle and sometimes drastic differences required to ensure your marketing message is relevant and appropriate for each territory within Europe for example, seems obvious, but this often gets missed for global brands who try and target prospects in this region. Read more