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Have you got an iny or an outy?

Naval Gazing

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be aware that the way that customers and brands interact has changed forever. Nobody wants to hear a sales pitch, we only want information that is relevant to us or a topic that interests us, otherwise we will quickly banish it to the bin (virtual and physical). Read more

Creativity in B2B Marketing, including Virtual Reality

Google cardboard

We are all a little giddy with excitement in the office this week. As we prepare to curate a series of events for a client that uses Virtual Reality – a Technology Vendor has entrusted us to find an innovative way to engage their IT partners via a nationwide roadshow, we were delighted to see this broader showcase of just how creative the B2B Marketing sector can be. Read more

There’s another way… to work & live

Steve Kemish, Frank Williams

We are pleased to share some recent coverage in a local newspaper, sharing news on how we have established and grown the team in our Milton Keynes office.

We are delighted with how our approach has been received and proud that we have built a smart and capable team in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, to complement our Oxfordshire team. Read more

It’s that time of year…break out the Irn Bru

Weeks and before the ritual gorging of all manner of goodies even begins, we have once again been consuming the usual array of festive adverts. You may have a fave of 2015 (we do – well played Aldi!) or you may not, but we’d put the best of 20154 up against our (still) all-time favourite; Irn Bru’s version of the classic Christmas tale, The Snowman. Sit back and enjoy 76 seconds of their work. Merry Christmas.

How much does the average man now pay for sex?

We were recently invited to Prague to deliver a keynote on B2B marketing in 2016 – what to focus on, key trends and what others are going to be doing. Watch the highlights, including the answer to the question we posed on “How much does the average man now pay for sex?” and how that can be related to the keynote topic in hand. Read more