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The TfL Awareness Test viral video

Still one of our favourite campaigns, this viral video from Transport for London (TfL) seeks to raise awareness of cyclists for other road users. Known by some as the Basketball test, it does a great job of highlighting the issue – can you count the passes correctly?

Who the hell are these people?

The horror of stock photography

Oh the horror. We really do need to have a long hard look at ourselves in the world of business marketing. With all the talk of humanising the brand and being honest, why do we still litter our work with these people?  You know the ones, the super-serious yet smiley business models that have somehow been allowed to represent the world of B2B marketing. Read more

Good content can be lengthy

So many words

Less is more, isn’t it? We’re all time poor, have the attention span of a goldfish and if confronted by any concept or message that is longer than 140 characters we will either burn before reading or our brains will melt before we get past the third sentence, right? Read more

Proximity marketing and iBeacon used for good


There is an awful lot of speculation right now around the use of proximity marketing, especially since Apple launched iBeacon. How can this technology, that allows brands to beam out push notifications to customers who walk within range of their transmitters be used to deliver commercial gain (think retailers sending out messages to the mobile phones of potential shoppers within walking distance of their store)

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Bodyform: The best viral video response. Period

As social media usage grows, more and more of us are taking to the social waves to express our opinions (good, bad and ugly) about the brands we find on there. Increasingly this is becoming a great way to vent our spleens and to engage with the brand at a customer service level, but sometimes it’s just to have some fun and to gain our fifteen minutes of fame. Read more

“Attention Deficit … Ooh Shiny!” (ADOS) An epidemic amongst marketers?

Shiny Golden Ticket

It was a fellow speaker at a  conference in Stockholm that first alerted me to this phenomenon and since then I’ve been tracking it like some kind of obsessive virologist.

It may have just been a disposable (yet very insightful) quip, but it does point to an interesting challenge that modern marketers confront – how to know what technology to buy and how much of it is needed to be successful. Read more

The Three Ps of Content Marketing

The Three Ps

Content marketing seems set as yet another key focus area for 2015, and rightly so. The idea of producing relevant, timely and useful information in varying formats should not be a trend, it should be an imperative for every marketer. It’s just common sense, to produce and send out information that will be relevant and valuable to your audience. Read more