• Junction win marketing agency of the year in 2019?

    We were thrilled to win channel marketing agency of the year in 2018 and we have just submitted our 2019 entry for that same CRN awards category. The finals aren’t until July, so we wait with crossed finger for a few months to see if we make the short list.

    In the meantime we have enjoyed reliving the night when we and the other winners were recognised by CRN, take a look at the highlights reel (and see if you can even spot a few well-dressed Junctioneers on screen!)

  • The almost bottomless purse

    What a lovely story (and advert) – A Mum’s inheritance has only been granted if her two sons use the money to watch their beloved Wales rugby team around the world.

    Read more
  • We’ve found it! Our fave 2018 Christmas advert

    It’s that time of year again. The onslaught of commercials from the usual names are out, and we have our fave… Read more

  • Why the human is the most important part of email marketing automation

    Steve Kemish interview

    We were recently asked to give our thoughts on best practice email and marketing automation, the result is a fascinating Q&A with one of our team, Steve Kemish.

    You can read the full article below, but here a few highlights from the interview… Read more

  • Heartbreaking storytelling from a war zone

    Incredibly moving and thought-provoking work for the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has just won a Grand Prix prize at the 2018 Cannes festival for this short film (109 seconds long, not a film you will forget quickly) Read more

  • Beer that starts and ends with getting pissed

    Danish brewery, Norrebro Bryghus, brought out out a new beer called ‘Pisner’, which has been made with the help of 50,000 litres of urine that was collected from the Roskilde Festival. Read more

  • Junction: Channel Marketing Agency of 2018

    Channel Marketing Agency of the year

    It’s with great pride that we can announce that last night in London we were awarded the accolade of Channel Marketing Agency of 2018 by our friends (now really rather good friends) at CRN. Read more

  • Email Marketing: Is the image mightier than the word?

    Getting email marketing to stand out has always been a challenge. Gone are the days of mass batch and blast campaigns, the modern email marketer is a more sophisticated and targeted persona, but still the age-old problem persists, how to engage the recipient. Read more

  • Junction: Best Channel Marketing Agency of the year?

    CRN AWards 2018 - best marketing agency

    Today saw the revealing of the 2018 CRN Sales and Marketing Awards and we are delighted to announce that Junction have been shortlisted for “Best Channel Marketing Agency”. Read more

  • Everyone’s rooting for Evan

    In what can only be described as the mother of all rug pulls, Evan takes us on his own journey, whilst all others around him seem to be meaningless. Until the end that is. Read more

  • Say no to the dirt – 57 seconds of great b2b advertising

    Great B2B advertising from CWS (Complete Washroom Services) who make the connection between clean public bathrooms and clubbing in this humorous TV ad, “Say No To Dirt” to promote their products to the business market. Read more

  • Highlights from AEO Forums 2018 – the event for events

    We love events here at Junction. Whether running our own, helping others put theirs on, or, like the 2018 AEO Forums, just enjoying a jolly good day out!  Read more

  • B2B marketing storytelling through video

    It might not be new, it was released in 2007, but we have only just come across this beautiful piece of B2B advertising from and wanted to share it with you. Who says B2B marketing has to be dry, dull and homogeneous? This is a truly wonderful way to tell the story of what you do, in the energy market. Read more

  • Move over Moz, Tile has a Panda for us to fall in love with

    After the hype, the anticipation and then feeling of being a little let down this month, we are delighted to share this little cracker of an advert from Tile. Poor Panda has been lost, how will he find his way home?  Read more

  • Human curling to sell razor blades? Of course!

    Here is one to be filed in the “curious” category. The us of curling and humans to sell Bic razor blades. Well worth a watch, but wrap up warm! Read more

  • Whitepaper: Unlocking the success to lead generation through intelligent data

    We recently authored a whitepaper for our friends Datamatics on how and why to be more intelligent with data to help your B2B lead generation programme. Download it for free now. Read more

  • Six top tips to help your event marketing or trade show presence deliver ROI

    Event marketing is still a popular and effective way to engage people. To find a chance to chat with customers and partners, plus draw in new prospects, a well run event (be it your own or at a third party trade show or exhibition) can deliver strong return on investment (ROI) still. Here is some advice from us on how you maximize the opportunity at your next trade show. Read more

  • Like the last five minutes of DIY SOS

    Emotion in marketing, talked about a lot right now, but still very few brands think about how they can position their brand to provoke an emotional connection. Read more

  • VR for B2B marketing – tips and advice for Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality (VR) – one of the talks of the town for us marketers. But is VR for B2B Marketers? Has anyone used it yet? Does it work?

    If VR is something you are exploring then the below may be of value – our experience from using VR for various B2B client campaigns in the past eighteen months. Read more

  • Preroll ads, crushing it!

    Insurance giant, Geico, has been entertainingly hacking the lowly YouTube pre-roll ad ever since “Unskippable,” the brilliant 2015 campaign that won the Film Grand Prix at Cannes. Read more

  • Meet Graham, how to evolve to survive car crashes

    This campaign won the Grand Prix this weekend in the Health & Wellness category of the Lions Health festival. It also won a gold Lion, three silvers and a bronze, it is all about Graham… Read more

  • GDPR isn’t anything new, is it?

    There is lots of press, discussion and speculation about what the new GDPR rules will mean for marketers? But is it anything new?  Read more

  • Data-driven marketing with still prevail (and other great advice)

    We were delighted to be part of the 2017 MINT Global marketing conference again this year. Freshly back from the 2 day extravaganza, we are pleased to feature in the event round-up video – full of great sound bites from the host of excellent speakers. Read more

  • The best ad from the 2017 Superbowl

    It’s that time of year again! Having spent the morning wading through all the slots for this year’s advertising-fest, we declare our winner… Read more

  • Reality II: In pursuit of happiness

    A lively panel discussion kicked off the second half of the Reality event with our very own Steve Kemish, Managing Partner of Junction, chairing the discussion. Gemma Davies from Apptus, Jack Collier from Circle, and CubanEight’s MD Sian Gaskell, joined the two previous speakers on the panel – Christopher Baldwin and Graham Wylie. Read more

  • Our favourite Christmas Advert of 2016

    Christmas is still a couple of weeks away, but already we have gorged ourselves silly on a wealth of brilliant seasonal adverts. This new one making its way round the web is our fave. It is a real heart-warmer  from Polish auction website Allegro. The story introduces an old man whilst he learns to speak English using an audio guidebook. The payback for all of his hard work is very obvious at the end. Keep those tissues handy. Happy Christmas one and all.

  • Sophos doubles pipeline through live event marketing and customer engagement


    Discover how Sophos achieved over £1 million pipeline and a 20:1 ROI through live event marketing and customer engagement

    Read more

  • Reality II: Context and the hyper-connected consumer


    With Christmas approaching and the sound of advent calendar doors popping open across the land, marketers are well underway with planning ahead into the New Year. We marked the start of the festive season by holding the second in our series of Reality Events at London’s Soho Hotel looking ahead at PR and marketing into 2017.   Read more

  • Webcast: Lifecycle Marketing – The Main Event

    50 minutes of webinar goodness – on event marketing. You’ve spent time and money on your big event – now how do you maximise the impact and turn a cost into a profit? Read more

  • Hidden in plain sight. The UKs most *noticeable brand?


    After my own personal research project, conducted while being out and about, with a little too much time on my hands and a knack of noticing things others miss or don’t care about, I’d like to offer up my winner for this newly-created-by-me-award.

    And the winner is…AATI. Read more

  • “My 16-year-old son syndrome”


    It’s an easy trap to fall into isn’t it? To assume that your behaviours, patterns and preferences are like everybody else’s?

    Time and time again this easily-made mistake negatively influences what we do (or don’t do) when it comes to our approach to B2B marketing and communications. Read more

  • What is the reality of Marketing and PR today?

    Meet. Learn. Share

    Yesterday in the beautiful surroundings of the Soho Farmhouse, we held a unique event looking at modern marketing and PR. Together with our friends at PR agency CubanEight, we bought together many of the industry’s leading figures to talk about the challenges of today’s marketing and communications strategies, and how to best integrate PR and marketing. With ever demanding consumers across both the B2B and B2C arenas we discussed the importance of making your communications strategy stand out. Read more

  • We’ve lost our VRginity, have you?

    Google Cardboard and VR

    At Junction we are putting the finishing touches to a client’s event roadshow that will harness VR and Google Cardboard, which we are very excited about (more on that in September when it goes live) and so now we’re always on the lookout for brilliant uses of VR and understanding more on how the technology can help with both brand engagement and demand generation for marketing departments. As such, we’re delighted to have found and be supporting this little beaut – Reality Bites in London on October 12th… Read more

  • “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop”

    So here there we were earlier; a really hot day in the office at Junction towers (the two days of UK summer have arrived!) and our minds turned to ice cream and the need for some refreshing,cooling relief from the heat of the day. This quickly led on to a heated debate over the best ice cream flavour and brand out there. Read more

  • 10 top tips for email design and delivery


    Email marketing expert and Junction Managing Partner, Steve Kemish, offers his top 10 tips for email design and delivery, part of a larger new best practice guide on delivering business growth with email.

    Read more

  • Junction: Best Channel Marketing Agency 2016?

    Best Marketing Agency 2016

    Well, we did it (again!) – The2016 CRN Sales and Marketing Awards shortlists are out and we are delighted to announce that Junction have been shortlisted for “Best Channel Marketing Agency” for the 2nd consecutive year. Read more

  • This guy stood up on stage to a packed room…you won’t believe what happened next…


    (The ongoing horror of content marketing and the likes of link bait)

    The warning signs were there weren’t they?

    Standing up in front of a room full of smart people from the world’s leading publishers to chair a debate in March 2015 was perhaps one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever had to do. Read more

  • Have you got an iny or an outy?

    Naval Gazing

    Unless you have been living under a rock you will be aware that the way that customers and brands interact has changed forever. Nobody wants to hear a sales pitch, we only want information that is relevant to us or a topic that interests us, otherwise we will quickly banish it to the bin (virtual and physical). Read more

  • Creativity in B2B Marketing, including Virtual Reality

    Google cardboard

    We are all a little giddy with excitement in the office this week. As we prepare to curate a series of events for a client that uses Virtual Reality – a Technology Vendor has entrusted us to find an innovative way to engage their IT partners via a nationwide roadshow, we were delighted to see this broader showcase of just how creative the B2B Marketing sector can be. Read more

  • There’s another way… to work & live

    Steve Kemish, Frank Williams

    We are pleased to share some recent coverage in a local newspaper, sharing news on how we have established and grown the team in our Milton Keynes office.

    We are delighted with how our approach has been received and proud that we have built a smart and capable team in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, to complement our Oxfordshire team. Read more

  • VW tells another little white lie (but this one we approve of)

    Oh well played VW, well played. It’s not been the best year or so for the car giant. But this cheeky advert from VW Norway is a bending of the truth about car performance (in this particular case their new Trailer Assist function) that we can all enjoy.

  • It’s that time of year…break out the Irn Bru

    Weeks and before the ritual gorging of all manner of goodies even begins, we have once again been consuming the usual array of festive adverts. You may have a fave of 2015 (we do – well played Aldi!) or you may not, but we’d put the best of 20154 up against our (still) all-time favourite; Irn Bru’s version of the classic Christmas tale, The Snowman. Sit back and enjoy 76 seconds of their work. Merry Christmas.

  • Top Trends in B2B marketing in 2016


    Practical, pragmatic and helpful thoughts from us at Junction on six key areas to monitor, investigate and explore as part of your 2016 B2B marketing programmes (and how to avoid any wrong turns in the year ahead) Read more

  • How much does the average man now pay for sex?

    We were recently invited to Prague to deliver a keynote on B2B marketing in 2016 – what to focus on, key trends and what others are going to be doing. Watch the highlights, including the answer to the question we posed on “How much does the average man now pay for sex?” and how that can be related to the keynote topic in hand. Read more

  • Storytelling with a twist: How Telenor won Epica gold

    Here’s a really fun ad that brings a modern twist to some classic (and charming) storytelling. The “Puppy Love” campaign from Norwegian telecom Telenor won gold in Epica’s Telecommunications & Public Service category in 2015 and is just lovely work – great insight, nice twist and a grandpa trying to herd and lift sheep. What’s not to love?

  • Insight and emotion in a business marketing advert

    We’ve loved all of the Adobe Marketing Cloud video adverts to-date and are equally enjoying this latest one: The Launch. Read more

  • Is agile methodology the answer to your content marketing conundrum?

    Scrum. No, not that kind!

    Newsjacking, what a funny term. One of those cool phrases that us marketing folks love to latch on to, to talk about lot and share great exemplars of others using this simple yet effective technique. Read more

  • The state of B2B marketing, in our own words


    In October hundreds of B2B marketers get together to attend the Marketing Challenge Forum 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic.

    As one this years’ keynote speakers, Steve Kemish, our very own managing partner, was asked to share a few thoughts on his career and the world of marketing, through his eyes. Read more

  • Interview with Steve Kemish on web intelligence

    Steve Kemish Interview

    One of our founders and managing partner, Steve, was recently interviewed as part of the “Expert Opinion” series from Wow Analytics. Read more

  • Embrace your unsubscribers

    Who has a favourite unsubscribe email?! We do!

    Often one of the most overlooked of the email marketing metrics, the unsubscribe rate is often a very useful indicator of how you’re messaging is work. Read more

  • What orange juice teaches us about content marketing

    Pulp or bits?

    As I start to tackle my presentation* for an upcoming conference in the USA (yes, I know it’s a tough life!) my mind has been focused on articulating the challenges of marketing a B2B brand internationally.

    Recognising the sometimes subtle and sometimes drastic differences required to ensure your marketing message is relevant and appropriate for each territory within Europe for example, seems obvious, but this often gets missed for global brands who try and target prospects in this region. Read more

  • Hear us speak on b2b channel marketing at MiVaD


    In June this year Junction will be delivering a presentation on marketing at the prestigious MiVaD event organised by Comms Dealer.

    The event organisers had this to say about Andy from Junction and his upcoming session: Read more

  • Email in Real Life

    Hot on the heels of the delightful “A Conference Call in Real Life” is the sister video – Email in Real Life – yet again brilliantly observed stuff. We’re not sure if our favourite bit is the Nigerian prince or the guy who forgot to add the attachment?

  • A Conference Call in Real Life

    Ever been on a conference call? This video is for you. We still advocate that comedians would make the best ad men as they tap into and play back observations that we all relate to and this one focuses in on the idiosyncrasies of the business conference call. Sit back for three and half minutes and count how many of these scenarios you experienced on your last conference call…

  • Still the best outside broadcast advert ever? Probably

    Having just spotted Carlberg’s latest outdoor advert (giving away free beer at the built-in pump) it reminded us here at Junction HQ of our favourite Carslberg ad from their “Probably” series. This is an announcement that was made at the Carlsberg-sponsored FA Trophy football match between AFC Wimbledon and Torquay back in 2008. Brilliant creativity and perhaps an early example of native advertising?

  • 19 content marketing tips for b2b marketers


    We already know that content marketing is more than just a fashion, it is an imperative for all businesses. Not only does it allow you to reach new audiences through better SEO, but you can also continue to position yourselves as experts and market leaders with a well thought-through content programme. Here are some top tips on content marketing from us. Read more

  • Are Junction the Best Channel Marketing Agency for 2015?

    CRN Awards 2015

    Today saw the revealing of the 2015 CRN Sales and Marketing Awards and we are delighted to announce that Junction have been shortlisted for “Best Channel Marketing Agency”. Read more

  • The TfL Awareness Test viral video

    Still one of our favourite campaigns, this viral video from Transport for London (TfL) seeks to raise awareness of cyclists for other road users. Known by some as the Basketball test, it does a great job of highlighting the issue – can you count the passes correctly?

  • Who the hell are these people?

    The horror of stock photography

    Oh the horror. We really do need to have a long hard look at ourselves in the world of business marketing. With all the talk of humanising the brand and being honest, why do we still litter our work with these people?  You know the ones, the super-serious yet smiley business models that have somehow been allowed to represent the world of B2B marketing. Read more

  • 7 top tips for writing winning award entries

    How to win at industry awards

    Writing winning award entries can be a time consuming challenge that most companies just don’t have the manpower for. Yet winning an industry recognised award can reap big rewards in terms of positive PR and new business opportunities (not mention staff morale)  Read more

  • Good content can be lengthy

    So many words

    Less is more, isn’t it? We’re all time poor, have the attention span of a goldfish and if confronted by any concept or message that is longer than 140 characters we will either burn before reading or our brains will melt before we get past the third sentence, right? Read more

  • Channel Activation – Part 6 – Partner Training

    The mobile partner

    In Part 6, we examine the subject of partner training. Here we ask the question, what training & support is immediately available for the partner, from the vendor, to equip the partner’s sales, technical & marketing teams to be day one ready, and to have the ability to create relevant messaging to their existing customer base?

    Read more

  • Channel Activation – Part 5 – Vendor & Partner Planning

    What's the plan?

    In Part 5, we examine the subject of vendor & partner planning. Here we ask the question, what resources are both parties making available to plan the actual launch of their partnership?

    Read more

  • Proximity marketing and iBeacon used for good


    There is an awful lot of speculation right now around the use of proximity marketing, especially since Apple launched iBeacon. How can this technology, that allows brands to beam out push notifications to customers who walk within range of their transmitters be used to deliver commercial gain (think retailers sending out messages to the mobile phones of potential shoppers within walking distance of their store)

    Read more

  • Popeye, spinach and a stray decimal point; the lessons for marketing

    Spinach boy

    What a difference a decimal point can make. In 1870, German chemist Erich von Wolf was researching the amount of iron in spinach and other green vegetables. When writing up his findings, he accidentally misplaced a decimal point, marking the iron content in spinach ten times greater than in reality. Read more

  • Top Content Marketing Trends for B2B

    Top trends in content marketing

    As an addition to our recent post on The Three Ps of Content Marketing, we wanted to share this useful table showing the types of content other B2B marketing departments are utilising for their content marketing programmes. Read more

  • How to localise global marketing campaigns and assets


    For Marketing Managers that work for global brands, being part of a global team can sound glamorous and exciting but once you scratch the surface, the reality can be time consuming and end in frustration – a lot like travelling on business. You have to deal with elements of differentiation on many levels, including unsociable hours on conference calls, multiple languages, time zones, cultural variations and of course the reality of the deadlines and a launch date.

    Read more

  • Bodyform: The best viral video response. Period

    As social media usage grows, more and more of us are taking to the social waves to express our opinions (good, bad and ugly) about the brands we find on there. Increasingly this is becoming a great way to vent our spleens and to engage with the brand at a customer service level, but sometimes it’s just to have some fun and to gain our fifteen minutes of fame. Read more

  • “Attention Deficit … Ooh Shiny!” (ADOS) An epidemic amongst marketers?

    Shiny Golden Ticket

    It was a fellow speaker at a  conference in Stockholm that first alerted me to this phenomenon and since then I’ve been tracking it like some kind of obsessive virologist.

    It may have just been a disposable (yet very insightful) quip, but it does point to an interesting challenge that modern marketers confront – how to know what technology to buy and how much of it is needed to be successful. Read more

  • The Three Ps of Content Marketing

    The Three Ps

    Content marketing seems set as yet another key focus area for 2015, and rightly so. The idea of producing relevant, timely and useful information in varying formats should not be a trend, it should be an imperative for every marketer. It’s just common sense, to produce and send out information that will be relevant and valuable to your audience. Read more

  • Vendors seeking channel success link MDF with targeted channel marketing programs

    The requirement from vendors for planned marketing activities from their partners, with a solid return on investment (ROI) before they will sign off and invest, is nothing new. However there is a growing need to align sales and marketing within each partner to demonstrate a collaborative and targeted approach that will help both parties to reach their agreed sales targets. Read more

  • Channel Activation – Part 4 – Partner Competition

    In Part 4 we examine the subject of partner competition. Here we ask the question, what is the importance and significance of other vendor’s relationships to the partner and is there a possibility for channel conflict? Read more

  • Channel Activation – Part 3 – Partner Challenges

    In Part 3 we examine the subject of partner challenges. Here we ask the question, what impact will a new partnership have on a partners current levels of business?  Read more

  • Channel Activation – Part 2 – Partner Selection

    In Part 2 we examine the subject of partner selection. Here we ask the question, will this new partnership increase geographical and vertical market coverage for both vendor and partner? Read more

  • A corporate video for *insert brand name*

    I wrote a blog a while back about the ongoing horror of stock photography and how it’s all too easy to turn to the generic and bland to try and get our message across (which of course by doing so gets across a very different message) so we felt we should also share this video of the same thing – thanks go to Laura for sending it to us.

  • Channel Activation – Part 1 – Partner Mapping – Reason to Engage

    Let’s start with the basics. Why do vendors need new partners? What type of partner are they trying to attract? We will examine four steps in determining if there is a real reason for both parties to engage. Read more

  • We love content: Snickers Australia – You’re not you when you’re hungry

    If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will already know that we love to seek out and share brilliant examples of content marketing, especially video.

    This one comes from our chums at Snickers Australia – taking the overall global brand message of “You’re not you” and adding in a complete 180 degree take on the stereotypes of construction worker. Nice work.

  • The Future of Channel Marketing

    The way in which channel marketers communicate and influence end users has changed dramatically over the past seven years. Partner marketers understand the importance of a brand and its online reputation. They have adapted their marketing strategies to incorporate modern marketing tactics, ensuring the right messages are reaching the right audiences using the most appropriate channels. Read more

  • Emotion in marketing? Absolutely. But not without an “ETA”

    There’s rightly lots of debate and discussion around the use of emotion in modern B2B marketing right now. For many (in and outside the marketing department) it seems too woolly or fluffy a subject and not in keeping with the professional, formal edge of the modern business world.

    But for me it is entirely appropriate, maybe even essential, and now plays a large part in the creative process we go through with any work at Junction. Be that the selection of channel, language and tone, or the call to action type. Read more

  • Email marketing is not dying, but we are killing it

    A few weeks back I was asked to speak at an email marketing conference in Stockholm. It’s a regular fixture and a very well attended and run event. Every year more and more marketers come through the doors (this year there were over 400) and it’s a day dedicated to email marketing, arguably the oldest (most established?) of all digital channels. Read more

  • Popeye, spinach and a decimal place; the lessons for marketing

    What a difference a decimal point can make. In 1870, German chemist Erich von Wolf was researching the amount of iron in spinach and other green vegetables. When writing up his findings, he accidentally misplaced a decimal point, marking the iron content in spinach ten times greater than in reality. Read more

  • Social proof of which pint is best – Behavioural Economics in Finland

    Having listened intently to fellow marketing speaker, Chris Wilson from Earnest, talk so eloquently about Behavioural Economics (BE) and its part to play in modern marketing,  I’ve since been preoccupied with what that means when it comes to everyday life and how better understanding how humans think and make decisions can have a huge impact on our marketing. Read more