The most important element of any direct marketing campaign is to reach the right target audience.

The creative and offer, however appealing, will not yield a positive ROI unless the correct decision maker in the right type of company for B2B offers, or the person with the most relevant behaviour and demographics for B2C offers are selected.

Whatever the scale of your organisation, our data solutions will help you reach your target audience.

Our clients engage with us to support them on several levels. These range from supplying a single list that meets their exact target market to building highly complex private prospect databases that comprise multiple data sources. We augment the data universe – mixing traditional data with social media data to create the best-fit prospect databases to enable marketing programmes.

Our Approach

Regardless of the type and scale of the opportunity, our team of highly experienced data marketers approach client requirements through a proven process and consultation, ensuring that we clearly understand their exact, tangible and measurable objectives.

After we gain and agree an accurate interpretation of the client requirements we carry out extensive research and offer a range of suitable options and a logical rationale to substantiate our recommendations.

We work with clients as part of their extended marketing team, offering professional but impartial and independent advice and recommendations. The list and media choices will always be what is right for the client. We are totally impartial as we do not own data or “sell data” for any reason other than to meet the needs of our clients.

Some of the attributes we can enrich your BUSINESS database with:

  • Standard Industry Code (SIC) / Business classification
  • Number of Employees (at site, and companywide)
  • Missing address fields
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Additional contacts, with email addresses
  • Head office indicator (premise type)
  • Turnover
  • Legal status
  • Year of incorporation
  • Contact job functions

International Solutions

As companies expand their business beyond their home territories we have seen a major increase in the requirement for International data and solutions, meaning that now over 50% of our business supports that market.

We have access to all Global, Pan-European and local country lists and data sources and we have an extensive knowledge of both their quality and suitability or our client’s campaigns.

Access marketing statistics to support specific market entry per country via our UK based team as well our team of local country based experts across the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Data Enhancement

Enrich your data with additional attributes and populate missing information

If you want to understand more about your customers, or want to adapt or segment your communications with relevant information to their business sector or lifestyle behavior, then enriching your data with additional attributes will provide a valuable platform.

Our Approach

There are a number of attributes available to append to your customer database, and by matching it to databases already populated with this information, we can populate your database with the extra information you require, meaning you avoid lengthy and costly in-house research methods.

Having a comprehensive database enables improved customer communication and interaction, and the ability to understand more about your customers is vital to adopt a smart retention and acquisition strategy.

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