We like to do good. We are committed to producing work that is good (as a minimum, we prefer great, exceptional or brilliant actually) and we believe that the good doesn’t have to be just about the work we do.

That’s why we create the Junction Freeway.

Each year we collectively help a local charity or good cause. We all give up to two days of our working time to do good for others.

That might be in the form of using our professional talents – devising a marketing programme to support a charity’s fundraising efforts say, or arranging an event to likewise raise awareness and funds for an important cause. But it may also be a day spent painting a wall, building a shed or digging a trench – as long as it’s for a good cause local to us we are open to helping.

supporting good causes

This culture is one we don’t just save for those two days a year. In the recent past we have collectively run marathons, santa runs, cycled hundreds of miles, hosted events and cheered on (physically or via sponsorship) others doing likewise.

We tend to choose our Freeway partner for the year in the spring, so if you would like to suggest a cause local to Bletchley and area we could help, then please get in touch.